Saturday, March 28, 2020





Before understanding the meaning of life,
 you are not eligible for unemployment when you are a middle-aged man, otherwise you will feel itchy.
The ego is either too big or too small - it increases and decreases periodically, and it’s very uncomfortable.

 After understanding the true meaning, 
I realised that you can borrow a couple of years from your retirement life.Then you can enjoy life. The things you don’t understand will become understandable, but unfortunately , the things you had understood will become unclear.

Bart said that at this critical time, he had to go north and have a drink with me.He knew a Japanese tavern.
 Owen does not always comfort people, but he will always be there.
No matter the situation.

Bart said I was just out of luck and the solution was to take a fucking trip to America.
We are lucky , we have the balls, we do things before thinking . We booked the flight in a matter of minutes. 
If we think too much in our age, we struggle.

After sending a message to our group, A-pe, a passionate gambler,  joined immediately. Owen and OB said that they would think about it seriously. I’ve known them my entire life - they plan and think, and after that they struggle anyway.


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