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出發之前,我必須感官全開,敏感度調最大,史大,給我來了一節1985年,Queen的Live Aid幾十萬人演唱會,那年我才十歲,聽都沒聽過,這一年我43歲,不明覺厲,不明白但是覺得很厲害,音樂高潮的時候,史大Fion跟著哼歌,包括最難的那一段歌劇唱法也是,不自覺得猛點頭,散發出的阿法波,連苦讀心理學的我都無法理解,大家都紅了眼眶。
November 15, 2018
On this trip, we are going to the United States to visit Cahow and Maco. The day before the departure,  Maco’s older sister, Fion, had asked me to go to her place to take something for Maco. I specifically told her not to let me bring a quilt again, everything else was fine.

We have been hearing stories about her since we were 15 years old, about Fion's legends and understanding of life.
 She lived in the United States and was close to Hollywood.
 The music she listened to influenced Maco. The movies she watched affected him too.
The bullwhip effect, and ultimately it all affected me.
Once, I went to Maco's place to have noodles. He handed me a napkin, then I wiped my mouth with it, and he yelled. The napkin had Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t sign his name in  Chinese, so it was really hard to recognize it.

In 2000, Fion and her boyfriend Dw moved back to Taipei to settle down, and often asked me to go to their place to repair computers.
 Every time I repaired them, I wanted to say "I'm a racer, but you always ask me to repair cars".
It’s just I didn’t expect that, every time I repair a car, it is an adventure. I like humans who are out of control. And DW is good at that . For children’s sake , I will skip the inappropriate parts that are not to be shared online, and go straight to music.  Because he is a well-known music producer, and because of all that follows this occupation, he has many strange stories, but I will not tell them all.

Before I left for the USA, I had to open my senses, adjust the sensitivity to be the highest possible - I was about to go on a magical trip. Dw  showed me a concert in 1985 with Queen ’s Live Aid, with hundreds of thousands of people. 
(That year, I was only ten years old , and I had no chance to comprehend it. I am 43 years old now ,and i still don’t understand it, but I know it’s a big deal.)
 When the music climaxed, Dw and Fion followed it with humming and moving their heads in the rhythm, including the most difficult part of the opera singing. 
I couldn’t understand it  in a scientific way , even if I had already understood the psychology.

Everyone is red-eyed there.

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