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November 16, 2018
OB decided that he would not go with us on this trip to the United States, and this trip only happens once in 20 years. Owen couldn’t go either since he couldn’t convince his daughter. His biggest problem is that he can never convince anybody to do anything. Or he doesn’t want to. Actually, it is Disney’s character Elsa’s fault. She couldn’t help him to convince his daughter. "

Of course I am aware of the problems of these old friends. Hesitation is usually accompanied by regret, but for many years I have been a strong persuader and I have been persuading others throughout my life. In fact, I am a bit sick of that.

In my life, I grew up with the fortune dreams of men of the Republic of China. When I set off to the United States, I took the tasks assigned by the Republic of China boss to convince the rich  in LA to invest in our future unicorn entrepreneurship. 

I have much experience with investor briefings, anyway, either accompanied by drinking Red Bull before the meeting or drinking red wine, using super powers, making my eyes red and being passionate. In the end, I might ruin the wine, or the cheap red bull from a convenience store.

It ’s good for everyone to go, it ’s not bad not to go either. Owen  finally drove us to the airport. As long as it was within Taiwan, he could persuade his daughter to do that. I told his daughter that I wouldn’t meet Elsa anyway, so there is no need for her to regret.

But, in my mind, I still had strong motivation to persuade her.

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